How to get to sleep: five surprising tricks and tips

Getting enough sleep is something that most of us struggle with on a day to day basis. Research has shown that as we grow older, most of us find ourselves getting little sleep thanks to our day to day activities and life issues that affect our brains making sleeping a chore rather than something that should be enjoyed. Many people struggle to sleep. A reason why the sleeping pill trend is not going anywhere anytime soon. To help you overcome this situation, here is a simple insight on how to get to sleep: five surprising tricks and tips.

Tips on how to get a good night’s sleep

Meditate before sleeping

we5tryhfdgsraMeditation is a natural way to cool your nerves, relax your brain and get you in the moods of sleeping. Meditation helps your body unwind from a busy day easing into the moment. We get stressed during the day, and if we let our thoughts and emotions control us even when we want to sleep, we won’t sleep a wink. That is why we toss and turn on the bed all night thinking about the day’s events making sleeping hard. But practicing meditation before sleeping eases these thoughts and your brain automatically switches off from the day’s events to a relaxation mode instantly giving you a greater chance of getting quality sleep.

Find the right pillow based on your sleep style

For a correct sleeping posture, only your neck and head should be placed on your pillow. Depending on your sleeping style, certain pillows might be a better choice than others. If you’re a side sleeper, The Sleep Holic recommends that you pick one of the best pillow for side sleepers that are available in the market today. However, remember the key to buying a new pillow is knowing what firmness is going to allow your neck and spine to be aligned properly.

Make your room cozy and quiet

A well-kept room is more likely to give you a good night rest than a room that is full of clutter and all sorts of sleep distraction photo frames, pictures, and other stuff. If you want your room to give you the comfort you deserve after a long day, then make it friendly. Keep your room clean, cozy and remove anything that could distract you from sleep including gadgets, pictures of exes, unpleasant memories and anything else that you think can disrupt this peaceful moment.


Take a warm shower

There is a link between warm baths and good sleep. Our bodies sweat and become exhausted at the end of each busy day. A warm bath is more likely to soothe and help your muscles relax making it easy to fall asleep the moment you get to your bed. Just soaking yourself in a warm bath for half an hour or so depending on your preference before sleeping, can help you get enough rest the moment you get to your bed.

Getting ample sleep each night solely depends on a lot of factors. These factors often range from physical (your body becoming too tired to sleep) or emotional ( having too much in your brain thus affecting your sleep) or a combination of both. Whichever the case, finding ways that can help soothe the side that is affecting you is a sure way of finding solutions to your sleep problems.…

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