Chronic Wounds


Chronic wounds are a serious and growing problem for which there is currently no available solution that satisfy unmet needs. Common results of chronic wounds are significant morbidity and mortality, lengthened hospital stays, and a significant increase in the cost of care; having a negative impact on the quality of life of both the patients and care givers.

Currently available wound care products for hard to heal wounds include various dressings, ointments, gels, antiseptic agents and devices. These products are intended to supply a suitable environment for wound healing (e.g. moist environment) but are inadequate with limited efficacy, particularly in severe, chronic, and infected wounds.

Wound healing is a dynamic process that involves the interaction of many cell types, the extracellular matrix, and chemical mediators. Neutrophils, monocytes/macrophages and lymphocytes, are the main cellular immune elements that are involved in an inflammatory reaction and subsequent wound repair. Each type of immune cell in the wound produces a unique set of cytokines and growth factors, at controlled levels and temporal arrangement; thus keeping the whole process under tight control. Chronic non-healing wounds are associated with impaired function of these immune cells and subsequently, disruption of the wound-healing process.

Macrocure has developed CureXcell™, a cell based therapy for hard to heal wounds, to restore the wound healing process.

CureXcell™ is a cell suspension containing a white blood cell mixture that, when applied to the wound, restores the natural balance required for the wound healing process to initiate. The white blood cells are derived from a whole blood unit taken from healthy young (18-40 yrs old) donors (allogeneic), are activated by a safe, proprietary technique, and are subsequently applied locally to the wound. In this way, physiological cell activities, growth factor and cytokine secretions, and regulatory mechanisms are maintained as required during each of the stages of wound healing.

Clinical trials in Israel have shown a 90% reduction of mortality in patients with deep sternal wound infections post open heart surgery and a markedly improved healing rate for severe pressure ulcers. Since the introduction of CureXcell™ to the market, more than 4000 patients have been treated in Israel without any significant side effects .